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leli's bbq

leli's bbq, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

There's nothing like walking to a bbq on a gorgeous summer weekend. Leli's world is wonderfully diverse: my co-workers were there (Josh, Jen and Ben -Leli's fab beau), craigers, the polish guy, the famous erin sawyer (who works with paul at JA), my dentist and a bunch of others i got to know over a wild game of celebrity. it was also good to be so close to home and get an early night sleep! There's something to the whole block party thing... wonder if mel and jan are any good at playing celebrity?


"In the brain, oxytocin is involved in social recognition and bonding, and might be involved in the formation of trust between people." (wikipedia)

so -yes, i'm running out of things to blog about. today i thought i 'd share a nothingness-jibber-thought i had just after lunch when i found a big white plate on my chair holding one tiny chocolate chip.

As many of you know, there are moments when i have irresistable cravings for dark, lucious, creamy chocolate.. did i mention dark? Yesterday was one such day. Usually, i would take a stroll down the hall and visit my "supplier" and if she was not available, i would visit my back-up supplier. Both of these women, however, have taken their supplies and left the company. I found myself aimlessly wandering the halls, peeking into stations and asking relative strangers if they happened to have any dark chocolate they could spare. none to be found.

Overnight an angel came to my rescue. Five different co-workers dropped off beautiful presents of chocolate in my office - each one annonymously and cleverly! I was amazed how how such a simple gesture truly made me feel closer to my co-workers. Bringing a girl chocolates really can make a difference. I think my oxytocin levels have taken a rise!



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Marvelously spookey!



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marvin revealed yet another one of his amazing theories today. He thinks that each face possesses a happy side and a sad side. We took Al Gore's photo on the cover of wired as an example. It's kind of earie but strangely intriguing. We took paper and covered over halves of every face we could find (including Leli as a live model). Some faces seemed sad, some angry and some sinister. What does each side of the face say about a man? What about a woman? Moira and I decided to play too... can you tell which side the angel sits on?


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