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Christmas jollying

party1, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

It's time once again for the annual office christmas party. As a single lady, these gatherings can get a bit sour as everyone loves to comment on the fact that you are single. This year, I endeavored to beat the system. My beloved Moira joined the festivities as my significant other. I must say, we had a grand time together and may have had the most chemistry in the room.
Nice outfit Leli.

Ugly sweater contest

party2, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

I wore ugly christmas socks, but they did not compare to the hideous outfits donned by my co-workers. Jerri (far left) and Leli (wearing the tree skirt) tied for first place. Jerri made her winning top by collecting hair from her animals, including some clippings from under her horse's tail. Needless to say, we kept her away from the food.


kitten, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

Last week I went to Denver to visit my favorite kitten. Although she only lives in d-town, an hour away, i see her far less than i would like. I must say that she may be one of the few people on the planet that is perceptive enough to call me on "chameleon" behaviours. Not only that, but she is the ONLY person to give me my very own hooka! Thanks kitten. Love you girl.



familia, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

Is this the first sick day i've taken this year? perhaps. Tis the season for viral infections. I've noticed that whistling cause a buzzing sensation inside my head. i can't stop doing it.

I've taken the opportunity to post a few more family photos from our thanksmas celebration. The beautiful dennis ladies.. and then my brothers.. and ben, amber's beau. how i love the bunch of them. time stretches too long between reunions.