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This is a day of blissful internal celebration! I've been wanting to complete a master's program for some time now. When i began, two years seemed like an eternity and that it would never end. And then today, i found myself finishing the last of my coursework and submitting my last assignment! Although the course is now finished, my last and most painful hurdle will be completing my dissertation due this fall.

I have come to understand myself as a woman with an amazing capacity for distraction. I cannot study in my home as i will go as far as carefully scrubbing my toilet as an excuse not to dive into the books. And yet as i prepare for a life void of the lingering due date, i wonder what i should do with the compartments of time and thought i have set aside for my studies. In a way, the studies themselves have become a major distraction for me. A place without connection. No professors, no classmates, no emotional games. Only theories, observations, and riskfree mental processing. A complicated escape. My mind spins with thoughts of freedom! what shall i do? capoeira? music? short film? For today, i plan to celebrate with a run through the park and an exotic weekend in ohio!


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