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Expressing myself

fedex, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

as many of you know, i tend to embarrass easily but always find an awkward situation well worth the blush. This week, i had one such blush... over a phone call.

as you may or may not know, i've been on the mend of some health issues this year. my holistic doc thinks she's found the root of my troubles. after traveling through 40 coutries i'd be suprised if i didn't have a few hitchikers tagging along for the ride. in order to identify these 'friends', i needed to send in a few "samples" to the lab. that in itself is fairly embarrassing to share.
so, i got a call from the lab this week. they recieved my samples, but ithere was a problem. it makes me blush even now to think that i could be the type of person that would send someone a package of my poo and a bad credit card!! i can't think of anything worse to do to someone! josh, however, helped me recognize that at least i didn't send it to a wrong address.


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