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the ring

ring, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

The ring turned out to be lovely! At first, i was a little uncomfortable with the size and glitz of it, but am learning that this is (for Jim and I) a reminder of my worth to Jim and how he feels about me. It is very strange and not something i had considered a diamond ring speaking into previously. Anyway, I like that it is not delicate or fragile. It's sturdy and one of a kind and completely recycled!

The center stone was cut sometime before 1920 in Europe. The cut is less sparkly and more simple and deep than modern cuts. It belonged to a family for a long time until an heir recently sold the diamond. Lane said that he knew the family and said that there was no shady business involved. The setting is from the deco period. The side diamonds were my fathers. I recall him mentioning something about them coming from Israel.

When i look at my hand, i not only see a rock, but all the things that it represents for Jim and I and am very happy!


  • I absolutely LOVE it for so many reasons!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:21 AM  

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