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Fox Run

dinner2, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

Jim took me back to his house where he asked me to fix myself up and put on the dress he picked out for me to wear. When I came upstairs, I found him wearing a tuxedo andlooking so handsome. I was perplexed because I couldn’t think of any restaurants in the springs that would warrant a tux.

We go tin the car and headed away from town. Soon, I realized that he was taking me to Fox Run Park – the park where he runs and prays, and where we had his spiritual birthday party. We pulled up to the pond and as I looked down at the gazebo. It was lined with candles and rose petals. In the center was a table with roses and place-settings for two. Jim’s friends, Greg and Dan, were waiting for us. They served us kombucha and sushi – my favorites!


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