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bikes and boys

bike-boys, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

This is the team. Art (the chaplain) is on the far right. He is a state trooper who got hooked on sports bikes after clocking a guy in his town going 120. He gave the guy a warning which led to a friendship with the guy and soon, his own bike. Not long after he started riding, he reported to an accident scene where Brian (far left) took a hard spill on his bike. Art, who also took a spill earlier that week, took Brian under his wing. The next day, he reclaimed the footpeg from Brian's bike and took it to him in the hospital along with a bible. This really freaked Brian out because their paths had crossed a few years before. Brian had been a drug dealer and was on the run from the law, and Art in particular. The day Art brought him the bible, the two began a friendship that has led to weekends at the track, sharing their stories with other rough and tumble men who are looking for hope. It's quite a team. It was quite a weekend.


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