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Largely based on fishing, the economy of these coastal communities has been entirely wiped out. No boats mean no work, no house, no food, and no security. I knew this fact before I arrived, however driving mile after mile after mile the destruction doesn’t end. I cannot get my mind beyond the thousands of faces. CAMA has already set up 4 or 5 boat construction or repair workshops. At each workshop I was greeted with the same enormous smile, handshake and a hand covering the heart so full of gratitude. One hajji broke down into a fit of tears as he explained that without the help of groups like CAMA funded by good strangers overseas these men would have no hope. His village was among the worst hit by the tsunami. The hajji and his friends loaded on to a repaired boat to have a look at their village. Miles of land had sunk several feet into the sea, swallowing the road and most of his village. The Hajji pointed to a cluster of drowned trees with a laugh. He said he left his car their but hasn’t yet had time to retrieve it. The other men let out howls of laughter for they too had similar anecdotes.


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