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Chainsaw Mamas

Chainsaw Mamas, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

Heather, Beryl and I spent the weekend cutting wood with these amazing Oregonians. Although we did not earn our very own red suspenders, we did run the chainsaw and poke at slugs with the locals. Self-described "church misfits", these men and 2 women show their love for God through felling trees, curing wood and delivering it free to those in desperate circumstance who cannot afford firewood to heat their homes. It was a pleasure following the crew to the home of a deaf couple with 5 hearing children. Last year, a giant cedar tree toppled over on their house, crushing a portion of their roof. Other old, moss strewn cedars sway and creak in the back yard. Enter RORS with their chainsaws humming. In a matter of hours and in drippng rain, much of the debris was cleared. We also filmed a delivery to a blind woman. The amount of wood they hauled was intimidating, but with all the hands, it took less than an hour to unload and stack the firewood. Kudos to the Royal Order for a job well done!


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