vi·car·i·ous trav·el·er


Tiny Town, Colorado.
It was early afternoon when Aaron and I set out for Tiny Town. The sun was playing peek-a-boo in the sky and hid behind the clouds when they started to drip with rain. I did not know what to expect so with Aaron’s foggy memory we pulled off the highway and wound our way into the nook of a modest mountain canyon. A row of miniature houses circled by a tiny rail line came into view behind a tall iron fence. Across the street a gas station/convenient store was the only other building in sight. No one was there. The trains were not running. We had Tiny Town to ourselves. A roadside-America attraction since 1920, Tiny Town consists of one hundred buildings measuring one-sixth the size of an average home. Each structure represents an element of a 1920's mountian town. The "world famous" Tiny Town Railway wraps around the village. Tickets sell at 10 rides for 8 bucks. There was no one around to sell us tickets so we followed the miniature rail tracks on foot. Aaron, who is a photographer, talked to me about my Nikon still camera and we spent the next hour snapping away. Here, I post some of the happier moments through the viewfinder of my camera. Enjoy.


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