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venus rising

venus, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

Venus outshines all the other stars and planets in the night sky. It is beautiful. Tonight, I sat in my hammock, gazing toward the heavens in wonder. Sometimes wonder for me is disappointing and just plain unromantic.
Tonight, I questioned why i look to the sky to talk to God or imagine that heaven is in the sky. Are dead people really floating around in the atmosphere? What is the sky but vast space between earth and a vaster space? As a child, I imagined that God was on the other side of heaven, peaking through a cloud. I am realizing the absurdity of that idea. If God is not beyond, where is he? Perhaps within? Within space, earth, atoms, particles, persons - the cosmic glue.
Tonight, this gave me great comfort. He is other. I am tired. It is inevitable that i will disappoint others and be disappointed for we are limited in energy and wisdom. Yet the God that permeates all things does not grow tired or weary. He is everlasting. Today, this thought is grounding.
And so my eyes turned away from the sky and i looked at my toes realizing that God is just as present there as he is with Venus.


  • ou dwelwhy do you dwell on disappointment?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:40 AM  

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