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when is too far?

when is too far?, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

Recently, I was tasked to set up interviews with some key Alliance board members as they came to town this week. One guy, i had to bribe to sit in front of the cameras. He is a good New England pastor who loves Jesus and original Coke. As we negotiated, things got out of hand. At one point, when he was unwilling to wear the perscribed attire, i mentioned that i'd have a keg of diet pepsi waiting for him. He mentioned that he'd never heard anyone from the national office use the word "keg" before! I wondered if i had stepped too far.

On the day of our interview, I had schemed to have a can of diet pepsi (his least favorite beverage) waiting on set. However, when i arrived at work, he beat me to the punch. There was a 6 pack of Odoul's sitting on my desk. It took me a moment to wonder who was trying to get me fired, and then i remembered: pastor Scott. Unfortunantly, he had to leave the board meeting early due to bad weather and we never got to share a bevvie together. I did notice the fine print: non-alcoholic. i think i still have my job.


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