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schemes of woman-napping

planning, originally uploaded by staarkidd.

I will venture to say I'm not alone in this, although some say so, I've always had a secret wish to be abducted. Maybe its the sense of struggle, of adventure, of figuring things out in tense situations.. who knows. A good old fashioned kidnapping is what my friends gave me for my birthday this year. There was the planning, the purchasing of ski masks, the telling of lies (to me).

At 3:52 PM, just as i sat down on the toilet, i heard my door swing open and the sound of feet scramble into the livingroom. I zipped up and carefully emerged from the WC only to be nabbed, masked, tied up with my own boa and tickled extensively. My captors successfully wound me up with a seatbelt in the front seat of a car and drove off into the storm. The evening that followed was a wonderful adventure... action movie, nepalese food, hookas, jazz and 3-man chess. A wonderful conclusion to another year.


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