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Katrina's evil eye

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Eight-year-old Gabrielle stood on her steps and peered into what had been her bedroom, trying to explain where her belongings had been, and struggling to come to terms with what her family was facing. I’m not sure little Gabrielle will ever be able to absorb what Hurricane Katrina has done to her family, but now they must decide what steps to take next. Her parents must figure out how to clear and rebuild, should they relocate and start school somewhere else, where will they sleep, what will they eat, what job awaits for their family income, and how much will their basic insurance cover in their devastating setback. When I met Gabrielle she was sleeping with her family on the pavement of a K-Mart shopping mall that had become Camp Katrina. The Camp was where Genesis Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Foley, Alabama has been working since the earliest days of Katrina’s aftermath.
Camp Katrina was the next step for Gabrielle and her family as they come to terms with their bewildering loss. Rev. Don Young of Genesis Church was able to deliver a tent and mattresses to get them off the pavement. He also provides three meals a day in Camp Katrina’s well sourced make-shift café, all free because the church was partnering with two other area congregations and spending $12,000 a day to feed and provide necessities to those homeless from the hurricane.
The next step for Gabrielle and thousands like her is the help of God’s people, our prayers, our finances, our love and our labors. The road will be long for Gabrielle and her vulnerable family as they take one difficult step at a time on their journey after Katrina.


  • This blurb was written by my new friend and media-girl superhero Lorna Dueck of Lorna was an inspiration and a glimmer of hope for so many of whom we came into contact with... especially this fragile family. Thanks Lorna! Loved sharing the adventure with you!

    By Blogger Staarkidd, at 6:04 PM  

  • well written. great photos....

    By Anonymous Giant, at 9:46 AM  

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